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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Any information and advice given is on this website is based on our general experience and is given in good faith: however, due to the many factors affecting the use of our products outside of our knowledge and control, no warranty is given or is to be implied with regard to such information.

Delivery Refunds

Our carrier is aligning with the rest of the industry by NOT giving refunds for delayed goods. We are therefore no longer in the position to pass any refunds on to our customer. (Please note: if, for any reason, a refund can be claimed under their Conditions of Carriage, then this will be forwarded).

All our goods are despatched Priority 1, which according to the carrier is “next day guaranteed”. However, further to discussions with the carrier they have stated that “guaranteed” may be affected due to third party incidents such as adverse weather, traffic conditions etc, therefore deliveries may be delayed.

They have also stated that as with all other carriers they “shall not be liable for any direct or indirect consequential loss or damage (including penalty charges) whether or not resulting from the act, neglect or default of the Company…” Therefore, all consequential charges will be passed on from Zipex direct to the customer, as refunds cannot be reclaimed from the carrier.

All our goods will still be despatched Priority 1, which aims to be with the customer the next working day. If it is delayed however no refund on despatch will be given.