Welcoming Bradley our new apprentice

We have recently taken on a new apprentice, Bradley. He is undergoing a 3 year apprenticeship in mechanical engineering and maintenance. Having joined the company in August 2017 in conjunction with Loughborough College, Bradley has nearly completed his first year with the company .

Bradley’s comments.

“I really would like to thank Zipex for giving me this great opportunity. From the first day they have made me feel really welcome and I feel part of the family. The company has great knowledge in the products we produce with all the staff having vast experience this has made my first year really enjoyable. I have already learned so much about maintenance of machines and also fault finding and repairing.

Mo (my mentor) has really taught me so much in such a short time and I have also learned a lot about health and safety and how to work in a safe environment. The first year has been a really great experience and I hope to go on with the help from Zipex to complete a extended degree for a further 2 years after my apprenticeship ends and remain with this great company for many
more years”