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P8 'Plaspex' moulded zips

P8 'Plaspex' moulded zips

P8 Open-ended Finished Zip
P8 Open-ended Finished Zip
P8 Closed-ended Finished Zip


  • Moulded bottom and top-stops
  • Sliders: non-lock, special designer & all plastic
  • Mix & match tooth and tape options
  • Continuous chain and sliders
  • Plaspex (plastic) zips and chain can also be manufactured in 5 metal look finishes:- Gold, Silver, Bronze, Antique silver & Antique brass.


  • P8-CM : Closed-End
  • P8-ON : Open-End
  • P8-TN : 2W Open-End
  • P8-HM : O-Type
  • P8-XM : X-Type
  • P8-CXM : X-Type Closed

We recommend that customers should test the zip fastener under their own conditions to ensure it's suitable for the intended purpose.

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